Safety First - community Tech Socials on indefinite hiatus because of COVID-19 Coronavirus

Friends, techfam, HackerNest besties,

We have run over 1,200 events in dozens upon dozens of cities around the world bringing small handfuls up to massive congregations of 600-700 local technologists together. We are so grateful for the opportunity to have served our local communities in many ways - and in this global crisis, we are doing what is right and contributing to the flattening of the curve. Henceforth, our community Tech Socials in all our cities are on an indefinite hiatus as we tackle the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic. For many of us, this will be our largest, most collaborative collective fight - for both the people we care about today and for the future generations to come.


Your collective health & safety is paramount. Props and a big hat-tip to our passionate organizers & volunteers for all their efforts in planning, producing, and helping with these engaging, authentic events. Also a big thank you to Venue Hosts and Sponsors past/present for supporting our international movement.



Socia distancing is a thing. Isolation flattens the curve (image below from Wired).



These are trying times, but we will persevere. Wherever you are on this planet, the World Health Organization has a Country & Technical Guidance page - use that along with reputable news sources to stay in the know - understanding risk factors and the local environment that you're in means you can make sound and safe decisions for yourself, your family, and loved ones to navigate through life in the coming months. Microsoft now has one of a handful of very comprehensive mapped-trackers of COVID-19:



Stay calm and clean. Support each other. Be kind. Stay home, Self-Isolate. Also, #WashYourHands! Together, we'll flatten the curve.


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