Why volunteer ... and a look at our 1-minute Event Volunteer Overview

Penning a short one here. Just fleshing out what is involved when you volunteer. Our event-volunteers are essential to the Tech Socials - helping our dedicated, passionate, community-building organizing teams at the Tech Socials so that the greater community can benefit. In the "1-Minute Volunteer Overview" page, we simmered it down to these engaging functions: **Registration** - needs good handwriting,  **Runner** - mostly herding,  **Bar** - everyone's best friend, **Healthcare** - check/protect everyone.


The vibe? We are all a little quirky, but super nice:

Why volunteer? Generally, volunteering has been said to lower stress. Being in service to others is a privilege that many do not have the opportunity to do. It is one of many overlooked pathways to being happier and healthier. Also, it just is a great way to make some friends, learn a skill, even get ahead in your career. Sometimes, the local fire department comes for an impromptu photo:

Important -- make sure it is a cause, movement, or community thing that resonates with you at some level. This is important because if you care, it’ll show. The right thing, when you engage with it, will feel like a natural fit, be something you look forward to, and should be at a level of commitment that you can integrate into your life. Of course, being treated right when you dedicate your personal time to it should be a given. Mutual respect, ftw. Some volunteers also go on to become City Organizers (a great bonus too when you’re also a pro photographer):

So, volunteering at a HackerNest event. Simple, easy, and involves only a bit more time than what you had already allotted to just attending the Tech Social. Actually just the hour before the event starts and 20 minutes after it. So 1.3 hours more than a regular attending night. < puts things a bit more in perspective, yes?

Check hackernest.com/volunteer for the short form to fill so you can be in touch with your local organizing team. Read the hackernest.com/volunteer page for a 1-minute overview of what that’s like with us. No special skills needed except for a willingness to help.